Discover your Feminine Power

The Smart Woman's Guide To Attract Love

Learn how to tap into your natural power as a woman, so you can attract the loving and healthy relationship you deeply desire, without having to chase a man or settle for less than you deserve.

When you practice these 5 simple shifts in mindset and behavior, you will start seeing the results very fast. This is not rocket science - its skills that you can learn, just like you've learned everything else in life.

And the cool thing is that you don't have to work hard to impress him or waste time on someone who isn't serious - you get to date in a much more efficient way and feel empowered as a woman.


Some of the things you will learn in this guide:

  • The power of the feminine-masculine polarity in attraction
  • Why the things you believe will attract him, are in fact pushing him away - and how to shift it around
  • How to to quickly filter out the guys who are not ready for a relationship - and make those who are keep coming back
  • How to inspire a man to take action and initiate contact - in other words; you do the choosing, but end the chasing!
  • That being authentic and not pretending to be something you are not will make you even more attractive to a man
  • The best way to impress a man (spoiler alert: Its easier than you think!)
  • How enjoying yourself and your life will make you even more attractive to a man
  • How to stay grounded and avoid getting over invested too early
  • The importance of setting boundaries
  • Why success in life does not necessarily translate into success in love - and how you can find the missing piece to the puzzle


If you are anything like me, you've probably learned early on that if you want something in life, you have to go out and get it! This has worked well for you in your career and life goals, and you know you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to - except there seems to be one thing missing from your life, that keeps nagging you.

You keep finding yourself in situationships where you work too hard to get too little, you seem to attract all the unavailable guys and Mr. Right is nowhere to be found. You start to ask yourself if your standards are too high and maybe you just cant have it all?

You also tell yourself that you're running out of time and men who are interesting and charming only wants younger women...

At the same time you see women around you with lots of career success and who are in amazing relationships and you wonder what they know that you don't and what you are missing in this game?

The truth is: You are not missing anything. You already have everything you need, because you are a woman.

You just lost connection with your feminine power, because you were constantly rewarded for operating from your masculine energy.

And for you to attract a man who takes initiative, makes an effort to pursue you and shows up consistently, you have to learn how to shift your own energy into feminine - its the law of physics and biology all over again - feminine attracts masculine like the north and south poles of a magnet.

Nobody teaches us this. But luckily you're smart and you found your way to this page, because you are curious and you want to finally crack this code.

And although part of you believes that love is just something that happens to the lucky ones, part of you is open to seeing that attracting love is a skill that can be mastered - just like all the other skills you've mastered in life.

So... what are you waiting for?


Hi Love,
I am Lærke

I am a Dating Mindset Coach for smart, high-achieving women who have created a lot of success in their life and career, but struggle to attract a long lasting, loving relationship.

Maybe you have already been married or in a longer relationship, just to find out that it didn't work out, and now you are back in the dating arena feeling frustrated and discouraged. And this time also with a feeling that you're running out of time.

I am an expert in the high-achieving mind and how being strong and independent can get in your way when you want to attract love. I know exactly the shifts you need to make and how to do it.

I also know what it feels like to be single again at age 49 and wonder what the F is wrong with me...

I want you to know that its never too late to find love again - and that when you do it the right way, it will feel better and more aligned than what you had in the past - I know this, because I did it myself!

Regardless of your age and past love stories, learning these tools and understanding what feminine energy really is and how to make it work for you, will help you attract the loving and committed relationship that you desire and deserve.

And this time it will also feel more deeply connected and true, because its based on showing your authentic self.

I want you to have this - and I know you can!